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Battlefield Gurgaon


What is DW?

DW is an obstacle course where you’ll be required to run, crawl, climb, jump, drag, pull and push your way through an exhilarating 5+km course filled with 20+ world class obstacles that will leave you feeling accomplished and pretty badass!

What will the course layout be like?

The DW battlefield is an all natural running trail where we take advantage of the natural terrain of the land to give you the most awesome running experience. Remember what it was like running in the countryside? That’s what you can expect, except with 20+ military style obstacles that will test you to the limit! There will also be water stations along the way to keep you hydrated and ready to take on the next challenge. To know more about the obstacles on the course

visit: www.desiwarrior.com/obstacles.php

I haven't run in ages, should I participate in DW?

For sure!. DW is a run meant for everybody whether fit or not. Even if you have not run before, this is your chance to challenge yourself, indulge in some adventure & have fun. The only mandatory requirements for DW, however, are a team spirit and can-do attitude.

What can I expect in the warrior arena?

We have filled the warrior arena with everything fun and exciting! The arena will have warrior games, live music, outdoor adventure activities, kids activity zone, local food vendors, sponsor stalls and a CrossFit zone.

What can I expect during the run?

We will hand out water to the runners at designated water zones. As a running tip, keep yourself hydrated at all times. Don't be afraid to get muddy and dirty. For your safety, please follow the instructions of the qualified volunteers who will be stationed at all obstacles to guide you of the correct way to go through the obstacles.

What is the required swimming level?

DW recommends that all participants possess basic swimming fundamentals and be skilled to not only tread water but also prepared to swim a minimum distance of 25-30 feet. Also, we suggest that persons with limited swimming ability bypass the deep water obstacles on the course, as basic swimming skills are essential for their safe completion. No worries, you will be able to continue on the course with your group, even if you skip an obstacle.

What if I am not sure if I am ready to become a Desi Warrior just yet? Can I be a spectator?

Absolutely! We've designed the warrior arena with views of the course so you can check out the action for yourself and decide whether you want to give it a shot! You'll even get to witness some of our biggest obstacles & cheer on your friends and family battling it out on the field.

WARNING: Spectators have been known to spontaneously register so come prepared to join the battle!

All spectators must sign a waiver before entering the Warrior Arena.

Who is allowed on the running track?

The track is open only to paid participants. No spectator is permitted on the course at any times during the run.

What if there's inclement weather?

DW events occur on the decided day, come rain or shine. In the event of extreme, severe, or dangerous weather on event day (i.e. lightning, wind, etc.) we will contact participants via email, text, and our website about any potential changes to the event schedule. On event day the safety of our participants, spectators, volunteers, vendors, and staff is paramount. Race directors may either postpone or cancel the event to ensure the safety of all.

Registration and Pricing
Is there any early bird discount available?

Yes, we offer early bird discounts! Find the desired event on our website www.desiwarrior.com under the heading ‘Event Day’ and register ahead of time to avail the discount before it expires.

Can groups register? What are group perks?

Racers can register to run as a part of a group during the initial registration process. Any requests for additions/changes to a group registration must be sent to info@desiwarrior.com no later than two weeks prior to the event in order to allow us to accommodate your request. Group perks include discounted ticket prices and of course the opportunity to cheer on your mates!

How do I find my bib number and other important pre-race information?

The best way to get all the information you need prior to an event is to head over to your race's event page. Go to www.desiwarrior.com and find the desired event on the timeline under 'event day'. It's a good practice to visit your race's event page often, as it will always have the most current info about your upcoming race. That includes the following details: the location of the event, where to park and pick up your registration packet etc. We will inbox and text you the bib number. Also, sign-up with us and follow us on Facebook for constant updates.

Can I register at the day of the event?

Yes, we welcome spot registrations on the event day for all waves that are not already sold out.

Can I transfer my registration to another event next year? Or, put my registration on hold?

No, registrations can't be put on hold or transferred to another event next year.

Can I transfer my bib number?

Your running bib number and entry is not transferable to any other person under any circumstances. Runners found to have interchanged their running bib will be immediately disqualified from the run.

What does my entry fee include?

Your fee includes a shiny DW medal of honour, a DW T-shirt, a clinch bag, a spectator pass, race bib, a victory beer and a life changing day out on the DW battlefield.

Event Day and Information
What clothes should I wear during the run?

Shoes - Normal running shoes or better yet trail running shoes if you got ‘em. Cleats won't help, in fact they'll be worse on your feet and are dangerous for the other participants.

Clothes - Lightweight stuff that dries quickly. Even if it's a cold day, heavy or thick clothing will just retain water and make you colder. You should also bring a change of clothes for after the event so you can enjoy the after-party.

Gloves - This one is more debatable. Some people swear by them, others prefer to go glove-less (faster drying). If you go with gloves, be sure to grab tough, thick ones to prevent burns from the ropes and splinters from the walls.

Watch - If you care about knowing your time. It's on you to time yourself.

Is there a gear/bag check?

We'll have a bag check available to safely keep your belongings while you’re out getting muddy. We can’t be held responsible for valuables, so use that god given brain and leave the expensive stuff in the car!

What should I bring along?

i. Bring along a towel, change of clothes (something warm and comfy) and a plastic bag for your dirty clothes is recommended.

ii. Change of shoes/slippers, unless you wanna be trudging around with your muddy ones!

iii. Carry some cash with you to buy food and other goodies.

iv. If you carry your cell phone (for that perfect selfie) then putting it in a Ziploc is the smart thing to do!

v. Important documents like ID proof, adult waiver or kids waiver, running bib number, wrist bands and barcodes.

Will there be showers?

All participants will have the opportunity to hose down after finishing the course, as well as a changing area to change into a new set of clothes that aren't covered in mud.

Will there be a provision for parking?

Parking spaces are ample and free of charge!

What do I do when I get there?

i. If you already have your bib number, bar code and wrist band- wear your wrist band, head straight for security and go enjoy your run!

ii. If you don’t have your bib number- Fill up the waiver form and collect your bib number from the registration tent.

We recommend participants to show up to registration at least one hour before their scheduled wave start time to allow time for check-in, bag check, and other pre-race preparations.

How do wave times works?

Starting at 6:30 am, waves of upto 200 aspiring warriors will take on the battlefield every 20-30 minutes.

Can I skip obstacles?

Yes. DW is not a race against the clock, nor is it about getting a better time than other competitors, so it's fine by us if you want to skip an obstacle. The way we see it, you are there to challenge yourself and push your limits and if you have some fun while doing it, well that’s just a bonus! If you think a particular obstacle really isn't going to do this for you, just go around it - without a penalty or shame.

Anyone who cannot swim (and would have a difficult time in water) is strongly advised to skip these obstacles, as safety is held at a premium at DW. Please speak with a doctor before jumping in the battlefield, as they can evaluate your specific circumstances.

Should I help others clear the obstacles?

Oh yes! Certainly! This is an untimed run where finishing and camaraderie is all that matters. If you come across anyone struggling to clear an obstacle lend them a helping hand because you never know if you might need a hand later on.

Are there water stations on the course?

Yes, there'll be 3-5 water stations along the course to keep you fuelled and going.

Can I do an obstacle more than once?

Yes! Love a particular obstacle or not satisfied with your first attempt? No worries, go take that obstacle head on once again! DW isn’t a race, it’s about feeling accomplished and reaching that inner warrior that’s waiting to be unleashed.

How long does it take approximately to complete a run?

On average,it takes around 45-60 mins to go through the entire battlefield.

Are groups required to finish together?

Group members are not required to finish the course together. While we place an emphasis on teamwork and camaraderie, DW leaves this decision at each groups’ sole discretion.

What happens after I finish the run?

All the runners will be given one pint of beer or an energy drink (if under legal drinking age) to celebrate with fellow runners. You will also receive a DW finisher medal to wear with extreme pride. Get onto the stage and pose with the medals. Join your family and friends and enjoy the rocking festivities.

Can I run multiple laps?

Nope. We don’t allow anyone to run the course more than once as all runs are organised into waves well in advance and hence cannot accommodate people running multiple laps. But, if you’re really keen to go through the battlefield again, contact our on-site team members.

Chotta Desi warrior
What is Chotta Desi Warrior?

Chotta Desi Warrior is India’s first completely dedicated kids obstacle run consisting of a 1km course with 10+age appropriate obstacles for the Chotta Warrior! Not only will they get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of participating in a Desi Warrior obstacle run, but they will get to do it with you right by their side! That’s right, one parent will be allowed to accompany their child out on the course to cheer them on and share this unforgettable moment with them.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, 7-15 yrs. While we appreciate that your little one may probably be the perfect Chotta Warrior, because of the obstacles, we have to ensure that they have adequate motor skills and are of a certain height before letting them out on the course.

What should my child wear?

Sneakers are required for children to participate and must be worn at all times during the run. It is advised that your child wear clothes able to get wet, muddy, and dirty.

We highly recommend bringing a change of clothes. Don't forget sunscreen.

Does my child have to complete all of the obstacles?

No, if your child feels uncomfortable starting or completing an obstacle, he or she will always be able to bypass that obstacle.

Is Chotta Desi Warrior safe?

Yes. Safety at events is a top priority. All of our obstacles are built up to our highest safety standards. Each obstacle is inspected and tested prior to being used.

An on-course Coordinator is focused on ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Volunteers will be present at every obstacle to help your child and coach them through what to do.

Also, certified First Aid professionals are present at every Desi Warrior run.

Is DW safe?

While we build our events to be challenging, safety is our top priority at DW, and experts are involved at every step of the process to keep you safe.

If you need any assistance during the event, you'll find on-site safety personnel, with medical experts including paramedics, life guards and emergency response personnel, to ensure your needs are met.

What are the safety precautions?

At every obstacle there will be a qualified volunteer available to guide the runners. Moreover, there will be an ambulance and a professional paramedic team at the Warrior Arena to provide immediate aid to any participant in distress. An ambulance is also present in case anyone is required to be rushed to hospital for treatment.

How does DW prevent water-borne illness?

DW hosts events in natural, rugged and remote settings to challenge participants' physical and mental strength. Any mass-participation event of this size and nature comes with potential risks, which is why safety is our number one priority. As an organisation we take the following precautions to prevent bacterial related issues at events-

i. We truck in thousands of gallons of freshwater to courses for the water obstacles, and continue to explore options to test and treat water on site to minimise the risk of waterborne contaminants.

ii. We consult with experts on water safety to ensure that our operations and courses are as safe as possible.

iii. While we take all measures to prevent the risk for waterborne outbreaks, we also make the risks involved with such open terrain courses as clear as possible.

Battlefield Pictures
How do I search for my photos?

Finding those bad ass action pictures of your muddy face among 10,000 fellow warriors can be tricky. Here's how to do it:

Where else can I look up my pictures?

Battlefield photos and candid shots can also be seen on our Facebook page, in specific albums for each race. Check them out here! (facebook.com/DesiWarriorOCR)

I searched my photos but, couldn't find any. Now what?

We search the photos the same way you can, except you have the added benefit of knowing what you look like and what to look for if your bib number is missing or unreadable. If you need assistance with finding your photos when your bib number search does not yield any results, please provide as detailed a description of yourself as possible: hair color, hair style (pony tail, bald, buzz cut, beard, moustache, long, short), ethnicity, any distinguishing marks like tattoos or numbers written on arms/legs, distinguishing clothes (almost everyone wears black and mud will often obscure designs on clothes), etc. Basically, we need information that would help someone recognize you without ever having seen you. So, contact us by sending an email with your bib number and a detailed physical description. Also, if you experience any technical issue, please let us know what device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) and browser you are using to access the photo timeline.

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