Clearly you're awesome just for wanting to be a DW Volunteer!

Unfortunately though our Volunteer Program is now full. Sign up to run anyway!

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A quintessential part of Desi Warrior Event Day is its Volunteer Program (The DW VP),

without which basic event day operations, participant management, obstacle guidance as well as festival area coordination would not be possible! It's you Volunteers that make the backbone of our event, allowing us to stand tall and pull off probably the greatest Obstacle Run the country has seen till date!


Do you consider yourself to be a friendly person?

Are you an organized person who is good at planning things?

Are you good at giving other people instructions?

Have you helped a blind old lady cross the street?
(okay, maybe we went a little too far with the last one, but you get the point!)

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are an ideal candidate to be a member of DW VP!!

As a volunteer, you will have front row seats to some of the most exciting scenes, moments and action that you have ever seen! You’re role as a volunteer is to make sure every single person present at the event is having a good time being safe and most importantly pushing their limits to cross the finish line. That's a pretty tall order for you guys, which is why by the end of it you will be proud to have been an integral part of Desi Warrior.

DW VP Perks

As a Desi Warrior volunteer, you will be entitled to the following awesome benefits:

  • 1. FREE participation in the obstacle run (does it get any better     than this?!?)
  • 2. Additional FREE beer coupon
  • 3. FREE snack/lunch/water

Now that's one heck of a deal! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up today!

What kind of volunteer
positions are there?

  • 1. Volunteer Team Leader  
  • 2. Registration/Waiver signing  
  • 3. BAG DROP  
  • 4. Water Stations  
  • 5. Obstacle guidance  
  • 6. Kids Course  
  • 7. Warrior Arena  
  • 8. Warrior Arena Games  
  • 9. Finish line/Medal distribution  
  • 10. Course cheerleaders  

Volunteer Timings:

All volunteers must report at least half an hour before their shift time. you will get to run the course after completing your shift!

  • Timing: 5:30 am to 1:30 pm

VP points to remember...

All volunteers must wear their Desi Warrior volunteer t-shirts while on duty to enable participants to easily identify you and ask for assistance.. Once you arrive at the venue you must check in at the volunteer tent at the start of your shift and check out at the volunteer tent at the end of your shift. In order to be eligible for all the awesome benefits, you must complete your entire shift. Desi Warriors live by a certain code of honour, and we expect all our volunteers to lead by example! So if you’ve volunteered for a certain position please make sure you complete your shift and don't leave your station until your replacement relieves you.



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